All About Guzheng

Many people may familiar with the sounds of Guzheng, but still have no idea of what it is. Let me give you a video of Guzheng you might have a better understanding!

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Isn’s it beautiful?


For you having well first impression and understandable explanation, here is professional explanation:

“The guzheng, also known as Chinese Zither, is a Chinese traditional plucked musical string instrument with over 2500 years of known history. It has 16 (or more) or more and movable bridges. The modern guzheng has 21 strings with a length of 64 inches. The guzheng has a large resonant cavity made from Wutong wood.Other components often are made from other woods; usually for structural and decorative purposes. Performers playing the guzheng often wear finger picks on the right hand or on both hands. The picks can be made of different materials such as ivory, tortoise shell, resin or hard plastic.” (Wikipedia)


And usually, we wear Chinese traditional clothes when we performance.


If you want, here are some more songs from guzheng!

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