Controlling 1s and 0s

1s and 0s are very important for a computer because the computer uses this two symbol system to process instructions within the computer. In addition, the 1s represent the “high” while the 0s represent the “low”. Some important things that are used with these are the transistors, circuits, logic gates and more.

Transistors have three things which are the: source, sink and gate. There is a relationship between transistors and switches since using the voltages we can see whether the sink or source will be connected to the gate. Example: A Faucet.

Circuits are important with the combination of transistors since the transistors act as the circuit. These circuits have an input and output for the transistors such as the CMOS gate.

The Boolean Algebra is a type of algebra where the values are truth and false in where they are represented as 1s and 0s. The Truth Table correlates with the Boolean Algebra since it uses it to see where it will produce a 1 or 0.

Logic Gates are the digital building block of a digital circuit. It be seen as the base before anything happens with the circuits and transistors. They do inputs and outputs by 1s and 0s, however, are represented through voltage levels.

In computers, when electricity is flowing the “on” state is represented with the term, true. Furthermore, when electricity is not flowing the “off state” is represented with the term, false. There are three fundamental operations in Boolean Algebra which are a NOT, an AND, and an OR operation.

Bits, Bytes, and Representation of Information

The concept of “analog” is important when discussing about computers since analog and digital are two separate things. In other words, in digital there are discrete values that lead to no change while in analog there is no discrete value which leads to change in other things. The reason computers use digital data instead of analog is because it is easy to be stored, transported and processed.

These are some interesting facts about analogs/digital conversion…

  • There are more than one analog to digital conversion which are through colors
    (pixels), sounds (through sound waves), and movies (both sounds and colors).
  •  Digital representation can be anything… it just needs to be converted into numeric values!

These are some interesting facts about Bits, Bytes, and Binary…

  • Digital systems do not use numeric values based of the base ten number system but binary numbers.
  • A single bit can encode a choice that involves one of two values such as true/false or yes/no.
  • A single byte is a group of eight bits which can encode 256 different values.

While these numbers can be confusing to people first learning about the digital world, binary numbers are actually better since it is easier to compute. Not only is it important to the understanding of computers, but also it is “central to their operation” (Kernighan, 36).

In a 8-Bit television we would be only to see 256 colors, but in a 24-Bit we would could see up to 16,777,216 colors. Computers now have up to many megabytes, gigabytes or even terabytes!


What’s in a Computer?

Computers are a daily part of our lives now. Whether it be using a tablet, smartphone or laptop we as a people are always using some kind of technology. There are many components that go into building such products and as time goes by we continue to find better versions and keep advancing within the technological/digital world.

  • the parts of a computer are connected by a set of wires called a bus that transmits information between them
  • the processor (CPU) is the brain that provides arithmetic and control
  • the RAM and Disk are used to store information
  • in the PC circuit board there are electronic circuits and one of the most important ones is the logic gate which uses voltage or current to control signals

All of these points are important to building a PC, but one thing that intrigued me was the circuit board. I already knew some of the basic parts of a PC such as RAM and processor, but didn’t know about the patterns and wires that connect these parts. The circuit board has many different elements such as the logic gate, transistor, and the integrated circuits. All these small parts help the processor, RAM, Disk and more to able to function and signal each other.

Complicated circuits can take multiple signals and create a different result. In addition, a lot of mathematics goes into these circuits creating different signals by using subtraction, multiplication and addition.

About Me


My name is Sammy Lee and I am currently a marketing student at Temple University Fox School of Business. I am taking a course about the Digital World. What I want to take away from this course is having more knowledge about what technology is and what the “digital world” is as well. I think it is important since in today’s time technology is very important in our daily life.