Transmission system

Last week we have learned about the transmission of system. Right now we know that there are two different ways of system, the one is circuit switching, the other one is packet switching.

  • Circuit switching represent when two nodes communicate with each other through dedicated communication path

Circuit switching can be permanent can temporary. For example, if application want to use circuit switching must have three elements, first is establish a circuit, second is transfer the data, third is disconnect the circuit.

  • All kinds of File are diced up and “Packaged” into different packet. Each packet travels through its own path to the destination computer where all the packets are unpacked and reassembled.(13)


The Difference Between Circuit Switching and Packet Switching.

  1. Circuit switching have physical path between source and destination, packet switching does not have.
  2. circuit switching travel are use same path, but packet switching is independently.
  3. circuit switching does not support store and forward transmission, but packet switching does support those kind of transmission,

Here is the video that can help you understand the two part of transmission system: