About Us

Hi everyone, we’re the Global Studies Society! On this website, you can find information about who we are, our meetings calendar, our events calendar, our academic journal MUNDI, and much more!

GSS is a hub for Global Studies students (and friends) to connect through social events, share opportunities such as internships, volunteering, and other resume-builders, and an outlet for conversation and undergraduate work.

Our overall goal is to make your experience as a Global Studies student enriched through not only getting to know your classmates but having a place to stay up-to-date on the unique opportunities here at Temple. We hope to get to know you soon!

E-board Members


Track: Security

Why GSS?: For all the things I learn from my brilliant friends every meeting, and mostly for the lil growing GSS family we’ve built so far. <3

Favorite podcast: Girls Gotta Eat


Track: Cultures

Why GSS?: I love meeting fellow Global Studies majors and having an informal setting to gain knowledge and build friendships.

Favorite Food: Hummus


Track: Security

Why GSS?: I joined to meet new people and talk about current events in a friendly environment!

Favorite Place Visited Abroad: Hallstatt, Austria

Secretary: Emma

Track: Security

Why GSS?: For friendship, sharing ideas, and getting the word out about the coolest/ all-encompassing major on campus!Favorite book: the jungle/ Upton Sinclair

Favorite Pass-Time: stopping Joe Biden from winning the 2020 democratic nomination

Journal Editor: Stasia

Track: Economy

Why GSS?: Community, career growth

Favorite Thing in General: “Talk to me about Game of Thrones”

Journal Editor: Alvira

Track: Security

Why GSS?: I am in GSS because of everyone involved and the depth and thought that are put into the discussions

Favorite Time Period: Tudor England (Love Henry VIII)

Social Outreach: Cate

Track: Cultures

Why GSS?: I’m in GSS because I wanted to meet people with the same interests and combine that social life with furthering our academic interests

Favorite Person Ever: Anthony Bourdain

Social Outreach: Gwen

Track: Cultures

Why GSS?: To make and spend time with friends with similar interests and outlooks!

Favorite Vine: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=meTZQRd31kI

Social Outreach: Nina Adams

Track: Global Security

Year: Junior

Favorite Pastime: Promoting Mundi

Social Outreach: Henry Sodt

Track: Global Cultures

Year: Freshman

Favorite Band: Lake Street Dive