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JR project 2

After the first JR project failed miserably, I almost gave up on following my theme of my blog “Vanitas symbols and memento mori, the meanings of the objects ” but I decided to give it another chance. ONE MORE CHANCE!

Fortunately, the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition was in Tokyo. And the title was… believe it or not “MEMENTO MORI”, guess I have to go check it out!


Lets start with the brief story about Mapplethorpe.

Robert Mapplethorpe was born in New York 1946. Studied and got his degree at the Pratt institute. Started working on photo projects in the early 70s. And became famous for the portraits of powerful and famous individuals. During the 80s, Mapplethorpe switched his focus to still-lifes, such as flowers. Died in Boston 1989 from AIDS.


This particular exhibition was held at Chanel due to the collector/ owner of the works being Peter Marino, a world known architect. The exhibition was made from more than 90works. AND the entrance fee was free!! Good job Chanel. The exhibition was separated in to three sections. The space was much bigger than I initially thought it was going to be. Of course all of his works were in black and white. I have previously seen his works in books and on the Internet but seeing his works gave it so much more depth to it. I would have to say my favorites had to be the flower still lifes, especially the “Tulip”. The amazingly constructed still-life gave both the movement and the motionlessness, a connection but not quite. It a confusing in a positive way kind of photo to me. I just felt like my feet just stopped moving in front of the work.


Mapplethorpe was a wizard/ genius. That is pretty much it. The black in white photos spoke more to me than many color photo exhibitions I have been to this past year. And I will say it again… IT WAS FREE!!