As mentioned in my About Me page, I possess 6+ years of hospitality-related experience. My experiences span across retail/customer service, food service, as well as assistant management positions. The companies I have worked for so far include Spirit Halloween, Toyzam!, Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board, and T&F Farmer’s Pride. Please find detailed descriptions of my experiences below. Also, check out my Resume for basic information!


T&F Farmer’s Pride: I started at T&F in March of 2014. I currently work here. I started out as a cashier but was promoted to a deli clerk within a year. My primary tasks include providing customer service to a high volume of guests in a fast-paced environment. Food preparation, order management, stocking, cleaning, and managing phone inquiries are all part of a normal day. Working here has immensely increased my ability to work fast and multi-task. The ability to think, react, and, respond quickly is necessary. These are all important skills to succeed within the hospitality industry, so I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work on them.

Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board: Over the summer of 2018, I worked as a Kiosk Coordinator intern at the Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board. This opportunity allowed me to gain a 360-view of the organization from the events team and the sales team, to the marketing team. While there, I attended events to promote brand awareness and spread the organizational mission, assisted my manager with planning and preparing for events, assisted with membership retention efforts, and managed the CRM system. Additionally, I was given an overall internship project to work on during my time there. I was given the task to develop an emergency response plan for events. I developed a plan on word, PowerPoint, and also created a tangible document for reference. I presented the project at the end of my internship. This task helped me further develop critical thinking, analytical, and oral presentation skills.

Spirit Halloween: Spirit Halloween offers unique seasonal positions. I worked with them for 4 consecutive years, starting out as a cashier and moving to Assistant Manager for my last 2 years. As a cashier, I was responsible for assisting customers at check out, stocking, merchandising, keeping the store clean, and managing the floor to answer any questions customers may have. As an assistant manager, I still performed the tasks mentioned previously. Additionally, I delegated tasks to teams of 4+ employees at once, assisted in training new employees, opening/closing procedures, schedule making, and of course managing employees. It was a fantastic experience overall and taught me valuable skills pertaining to people management, time management, and multi-tasking.

Toyzam!: Toyzam! was a brother company to Spirit Halloween, falling under their parent company Spencer’s. Toyzam! was also a seasonal store. I held the same positions and performed the same tasks as I did with Spirit Halloween. The only real difference was the merchandise we were selling was children’s toys rather than Halloween costumes and decorations.