Hello welcome to my e-portfolio my name is Maada Sammah and I am an aspiring recreational therapist. I was always interested in the health sector ever since I was young because my parents work in health professions. When I came to temple I declared nursing because my mother was a nurse and she was a huge influence throughout my life. During my spring semester I took a disability identity class and it really resonated with me because my younger brother has a disability. Once I realized there was a whole field dedicated to helping individuals cope with their disability I was immediately captured by the thought that I can help my brother and others achieve a better standard of living. Recreational Therapy is necessary for the well-being of all people especially those afflicted with disability and it is my passion to help people overcome obstacles that life has given them. I would like to work with individuals within the Autism spectrum because of my brother. Those along the Autism spectrum have to deal with terrible stigmas and stereotypes. I want to spread awareness of Autism and stop the ignorant assumptions that befall those who are afflicted.My experience in the nursing field have equipped me with very valuable skills. Communication is one I want to highlight because client communication is very important in both fields because part of recreational therapy is to empower individuals and how you communicate can either help or hurt you clients overall confidence and besides that their willingness to participate. I have learned a plethora of knowledge regarding cognitive processes due to my volunteer experience at Moss Drucker Rehabilitation for Brain injury.

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