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City Life

When you come to Temple, you also come to Philadelphia—one of the nation's most diverse and vibrant cities. Here, you’ll find a hotbed of nightlife, culture, entertainment and cuisine, just minutes from campus. Learn more about city life.

Amazing Eductation

Our business school is one of the best, actually in the top 15% of best business schools in 2015 according to US News. Also, Temple's School of Medicine successfully removed the HIV virus from cultured human cells, the first ever to do so. In 2012, the Tyler School of Art was ranked No. 13 in the nation. So whether you are in Fox, CST, Tyler, or everything in between, Temple is nationally competitive, and remains on top academically.

Be a part
of the

With Temple being over 125 years old, tradition is everywhere. From the famous Temple "T" the owl, our alma mater, the cherry crusade, acres of diamonds, and homecoming, Temple continues its traditions throughout the years and you will become a part of it!

Why Students love Temple

Marty McFlynn
Marty McFlynn
Chief Awesomeness Officer of The Future inc.
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I’m totally from the future, so trust me dudes: Elementor is the standard for building super rad websites. Don’t be dweebs, use Elementor!
Pete Gonzalez
Pete Gonzalez@peteyG
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I am a student at Tyler School of art and I love the opportunities the Graphic & Interactive Design program has given me. I will be graduating later this year and already have 12 job offers!