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In Press

Burke, T.A., Fox, K., Kautz, M.M., Rodriguez-Seijas, C., Bettis, A.H., & Alloy, L.B.  (in press).  Self-critical and self-punishment cognitions differentiate those with and without a history of nonsuicidal self-injury: An ecological momentary assessment study.  Behavior Therapy.

Kautz, M.M., Burke, T.A., Siegel, D.M., Case, J., & Alloy, L.B.  (in press).  The role of reward sensitivity and childhood maltreatment in predicting non-suicidal self-injury.  Suicide and Life Threatening Behavior.

Mac Giollabhui, N., Alloy, L.B., & Hartman, C.  (in press).  Investigating whether depressed youth exhibiting elevated C reactive protein perform worse on measures of executive functioning, verbal fluency and episodic memory in a large population-based sample of Dutch adolescents. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity.

Mac Giollabhui, N., Ng, T.H., Ellman, L.M., & Alloy, L.B.  (in press).  The longitudinal associations of inflammatory biomarkers and depression revisited:  Systematic review, meta-analysis, and meta-regression.  Molecular Psychiatry.

Moriarity, D.P., & Alloy, L.B.  (in press).  Beyond diagnoses and total symptom scores:  Diversifying the level of analysis in psychoneuroimmunology research.  Brain, Behavior, and Immunity.

Moriarity, D.P., Ng, T.H., Curley, E., McArthur, B.A., Ellman, L.M., Coe, C.M., Abramson, L.Y., & Alloy, L.B.  (in press).  Reward sensitivity, cognitive response style, and inflammatory response to an acute stressor in adolescents.  Journal of Youth and Adolescence.

Piccirillo, M.L., Burke, T.A., Moore-Berg, S.L., Alloy, L.B., & Heimberg, R.G.  (in press).  Self-stigma towards NSSI:  An examination of implicit and explict attitudes toward self-injury.  Suicide & Life-Threatening Behavior.

Stange, J.P., Hamilton, J.L., Shepard, R., Wu, J., Fresco, D.M., & Alloy, L.B.  (in press).  Inflexible autonomic responses to sadness predict habitual and real world rumination:  A multi-level, multi-wave study.  Biological Psychology.

Stumper, A.A., Graham, A.A., Abramson, L.Y., & Alloy, L.B.  (in press).  Pubertal synchrony and depressive symptoms:  Differences by race and sex.  Journal of Youth and Adolescence.