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Our research focuses on cognitive, psychosocial, developmental, and, recently, neurobiological processes in the onset and course of depression and bipolar disorder in adolescents and adults and is funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). The lab contains EEG and EKG equipment for measuring brain activity and heart rate, respectively.  In addition, the lab includes fMRI, immune system (cytokine assessments via blood draws), cortisol, and circadian rhythm (via actigraphy, skin temperature, melatonin) assessments.

To learn about how you can participate in our research go to Join Us for current opportunities.

Bipolar Research

  • BAS and Bipolar Disorder: Prospective Biobehavioral High Risk Design
  • Risk for Bipolar Disorder:  Reward-related Brain Function & Social Rhythms

Depression Research

  • Depression Surge in Adolescence & Gender Differences: Biocognitive Mechanisms
  • Risk for Adolescent Depression:  Stress, Cognitive Vulnerability, and Inflammation


Recent publications from members of our lab