Here is where you can find my music:


The Ramblings (Not Available on Soundcloud): The first album I made, featured elements of Psych Rock and Progressive Rock, not my best work.

The Great Escapist: My second album, featured the most diverse track list I made yet, at that point. From the folk rock of Broken String, the electronic, drum loop driven Disappearing Act, the post rock influenced …But Then It Got Real Dark and I Walked Into the Heart of the Desert & It Was There That I Saw God, and finally the Psych Rock focused Mirror Image.


The Missing Piece: Written and recorded in the middle of a Philadelphia summer, during a rough period in my life, it has the lowest song count of any album I’ve made, with only 6 songs, but each has a long run time and take time to breathe and develop into their own. From folk rock with ambient elements on Tossing and Turning, electronic rock on A Good Age and dark ambient on the closing track Last Entry.



Disappearing Into Shadows: After going through a rough period and coming out on the other side of it, this album was written. It’s the most developed and cohesive version of my sound. With the folk inspired track Broad & Wolf, to the art rock of Seven Minutes of Heaven and Cortex, to the post-rock and drone flavored sound of The Fall. This is where I started to come into my own as a songwriter and musician.

(Untitled as of now): My fifth album, with a more electronically focused sound than ever before, currently being written and recorded.