Welcome to Miranda’s portfolio site!

I am a sophomore studying therapeutic recreation at Temple University. I first started thinking about what I wanted to be, senior year of high school. Sure enough, I had no clue what I wanted to do with life. Living in an Asian family, my parents wanted me to be in the medical field or something related to it, but little did they know, I had hemophobia. My cousin, who works in the hospital, asked me a few questions about my interest. I always enjoyed helping others. In the end, she suggested occupational therapy. During orientation, I found out that the best path to take to reach my goal at Temple University, was therapeutic recreation. After completing part of my Professional Development Hours, I have enjoyed the hands on learning experience. Now, I am exploring both therapeutic recreation and occupational therapy to see what I really want to be in the future.

Therapeutic recreation to me is improving one’s quality of life through leisure activities. Everyone is happier when engaging and being involved in something they like or want to do. In therapeutic recreation, I hope to be able to help guide individuals to be who they want to be and achieve goals that can help better their life physically, socially, and cognitively. I hope to work primarily with pediatric clients with behavioral disorders. They are the next generations of the world and I can help prepare them to be their best in their daily lives. This includes making better and healthier decisions in life. I hope to impact their lives in positive ways.

I have been actively engaged in field-based learning where I volunteered at various sites to gain more knowledge and hands on experience. I have worked with SPIN at bowling events, Wesley Enhanced Living, and Carousel House.Through my volunteer experiences, I have developed skills that are important for a recreational therapist to have, such as in creating activities that my clients can benefit from and enjoy leisurely. Although I have worked with many adults, I do plan on finding opportunities to work with pediatrics to gain more experience with them. Not only that, but I also plan to broaden my experiences with a variety of disabilities and perhaps discover what population I work best with. I believe this can enhance the quality of my work and bring about the best I have to my clients.