Meet the Board

2017-2018 Temple University MAP Board Members

Meryl Lumba 

Meryl is a third-year PhD candidate studying the connections between social/political thought and aesthetics, with interest in feminism and decolonial thought. She has years of experience working with nonprofits, specifically the LGBTQIA+ community and children with disabilities. She is excited about the opportunity to support fellow minority philosophers and to build community through this organization. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, traveling, and drinking too much coffee.

Kate Brelje

Within academic philosophy, Kate is interested in aesthetics, environmental ethics, feminist philosophy, and a handful of other things. Outside of academia, she enjoys hiking with her dog, painting, drawing, and weaving, creating art, reading good fiction, gardening, and traveling to new places.

Racial Curves

Racial is a PhD student interested in aesthetics, philosophy of art, metaphysics, and the history of philosophy.

Kara Bowen

Kara is currently finishing her BA in Philosophy at Temple University. She is primarily interest is Early Modern Philosophy, with a special focus on female philosophers. Kara hopes that by focusing on emphasizing minority narratives and inclusivity, MAP bring more awareness to the field of philosophy and also kickstart discussions to bring about change. 

Daniel Remer

Daniel is a student in the dual master’s program in Urban Bioethics and Philosophy, with interests in organ transplant ethics, medical decision-making, queer bioethics, and the intersection of race and gender in healthcare disparities.