Who I Am


My name is Michael Vereb, prefer to be called Mike, and I am from Norristown, Pennsylvania which is one of the suburbs outside of Philadelphia. I am in a family with two siblings one older, Kaitlyn who is currently engaged to my future brother-in-law Alin. I also have a brother named Shane and he currently is a student at Montgomery County Community College studying Criminal Justice. My dad’s name is Mike and most people from the area know him well through his dedication in the state of Pennsylvania as a State Representative. My mom’s name is Bernadette, she works for the Montgomery County Controller’s Office and she is very well respected like my dad in her work for the county. I also have three dogs and their names are Pluto, Bailey, and Zeal and they are the best dogs I could ever ask for and I will upload a picture of each soon!

Outside of School:

When I am not in the classroom working hard, I am always with friends and I find myself very lucky to have the friends in my life. As stated in my “Welcome” statement, I used to attend Greenville College where I played soccer and I still play because the sport is my passion and it is what draws me closer to people. If you check my Twitter profile, you can see how much love I have for sports, I am a dedicated Philly sports fan and will always be one!


When I turned 13, my dad lets me work for him when election year came through. Was not making much but I was 13 so $30 sounded was a lot! When I needed a job that supplied more money for myself to have, I was given a job at a Nike Store near my house and worked there for a while but retail was not for me. At my job that I currently work at, I am now a head coordinator of soccer and a camp counselor. Given the opportunity to work there this summer gave me the option to become an intern this upcoming summer and I cannot be any more excited!

If any more information you would like to know, email me or tweet me I’ll feel free to answer any questions when possible!





My name is Michael Vereb, I am currently a Sophomore at Temple University and currently majoring in Secondary Education and History. This is my second semester at Temple since I transferred from Greenville College, where I played soccer for a semester. I have attached my Twitter URL along with my email so you are able to keep up with and contact me whenever! I hope you enjoy the new website!