Recent Publications


Leeds, Michael A., Peter von Allmen, and Victor Matheson. 2023. The Economics of Sports, Boston: Routledge, Seventh Edition

Book Chapters

Malone, Kelly and Michael A. Leeds. 2023. The Effect of Having an On-Campus Football Stadium on Attendance, in The Economic Impact of Sports Facilities, Franchises, and Events: Contributions in Honor of Robert Baade, Victor Matheson and Robert Baumann, ed., Springer

Refereed Journal Articles

Leeds, Eva Marikova and Michael A. Leeds. 2024. I’ll Take Gender Differences for $400: Using Jeopardy! To Analyze Attitudes Toward Risk, Eastern Economic Journal

Olsen, Amanda and Michael A. Leeds. 2024. Integration and Team Performance in the NBA, Journal of Sports Economics, 25(2), February: 257-278.

Leeds, Michael A. and Eva M. Leeds. 2022. All out, all the time? Superstars and incentives on the LPGA Tour, in The International Journal of Empirical Economics, 1(4), December.

Leeds, Michael A. 2022. Teaching The Economics of Sports, Journal of Economic Education, 53(2): 150-158.

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