Recent Publications


Leeds, Michael A., Peter von Allmen, and Victor Matheson. 2018. The Economics of Sports, Boston: Routledge, Sixth Edition

Book Chapters

Leeds, Michael and Hugh Rockoff. 2019. Beating the odds: Black jockeys in the Kentucky Derby, 1870-1911. In Richard Pomfret and John Wilson editors, Historical Perspectives in Sports Economics, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar: 136-149

Leeds, Michael A. 2019. Is There a Gender Difference in the Response to Competitive Settings? In Paul Downward et al., editors, The Handbook of the Economics of Sports. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Leeds, Eva Marikova and Michael A. Leeds. 2017. The Effect of Wage Inequality on Performance in Nippon Professional Baseball. In Tim Pawlowski and Marcel Fahrner, editors, Arbeitsmarkt und Sport–eine ökonomische Betrachtung / Sport Labor Economics (Sportökonomie / Sport Economics), Schorndorf: Hoffman: 39-52.

Refereed Journal Articles

Leeds, Michael A. 2022. “Teaching The Economics of Sports,” Journal of Economic Education, 53(2): 150-158.

Leeds, Michael A. and Ngoc Tram Nguyen Pham. 2020. Productivity, Rents, and the Salaries of Group of Five Football Coaches, Journal of Sports Economics, 21(1), January:3-19.

Leeds, Michael A., Eva Marikova Leeds, and Aaron Harris. 2018. Rent-sharing and the Compensation of Head Coaches in Power Five College Football. Review of Industrial Organization, 52(2), March: 253-267.


Leeds, Michael A. 2020. “Can Cities Bring Home the Gold? What Economic Theory Tells Us about Hosting the Olympic Games,” The Asia Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, 18(5.1) March.

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