About Me


I am a PhD candidate in the economics department at Temple University. My fields of specialization are Health Economics, Public Policy, and Applied Econometrics.

I have three years of experience working as a research assistant. In this role, I conducted quantitative analyses using both cross-sectional and panel data, assisted in survey and experiment development, and conducted systematic literature reviews. I have expertise in the use of statistical software (Stata and Microsoft Excel) and database management.

The first two chapters of my dissertation have been published in peer-reviewed and high-impact health economic (Health Economics) and interdisciplinary (Social Science & Medicine) journals. My job market paper estimates the effect of the ACA’s dependent coverage mandate on sexual health and risky behavior using a variety of methods, including difference-in-differences and event study models. My co-authored work examines state-level factors associated with e-cigarette policy implementation using duration and linear probability models.

My current research looks at the effect of changes in the number of family planning clinics on maternal and infant health. My research agenda includes further exploration of the effects of access to care on healthcare utilization and health outcomes, particularly among disadvantaged populations.

Please feel free to contact me at Melissa.Oney@temple.edu or through my LinkedIn profile.

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