While we haven’t had much time to explore the many uses of our new Cricut at the time of this writing, we are encouraged by the accuracy of the typography projects and experiments we have performed with it thus far. Befitting of a consumer-focused product like this, use of the Cricut is simple and largely foolproof once someone grasps the basics. Like a button maker, this is a piece of tech that makers should feel comfortable opening up to the student and faculty population after a brief overview of how it works.

Our plans for the Cricut going forward are to use it for making vinyl stickers that we can use to promote the Innovation Space and the library in which we’re housed. We are also building a display of some our most eye-catching 3D models in the library, which will have museum-style placard cards cut by the Cricut with information on the models. Again, we also want to open up the cutter for medical students and faculty to use for their own creative projects. We have a lot of student organizations that use our button maker and we foresee plenty of overlap between who uses the button machine and who uses the cutter.

We have not yet run into any issues with the cutter, but we will update this review as necessary if we do.

Cricut Explore Air 2
Manufacturer: Cricut
Used since: Spring 2020

Purchased from Amazon

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