The Stratasys uPrint SEplus is the “old work horse” at the Innovation Space in Temple University’s Ginsburg Health Sciences Library. Thanks to its reliability and overall accuracy printing intricate medical models, it has gotten the most use out of all our 3D printers. While the machine is beginning to show its age, it will remain in use even when we receive our Form3L resin printer in 2021.

While the focus on using only ABS material in this printer may be considered limiting in some circles, that shouldn’t be an issue for medical maker projects like the kind we print for faculty and students. As for maintenance, changing out the material can be cumbersome and fixing the machine isn’t very DIY friendly (though we have managed after careful research). In addition, reliance on proprietary Stratasys designs for material reels and build plates ups the cost to use this machine.

Manufacturer: Stratasys
Model no:
Used Since: 2015

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