Activity Toolkit

This page contains sensory stimulation kits which are created to expose people to a new feeling (sensation), or decrease a dislike to a particular sensation. The kits include the 5 senses: sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Activity write ups are also available, each write up gives a full description of the activity and how it can benefit the group of people that engage in it.

Adapted Sport Games

Anger Management



Computers, Technology, & Video Games

Cooperative Games/Adventure Therapy

Dance/Movement, Tai-Chi, & Yoga

Expressive Arts: Creative Writing, Drama, Art, Crafts

Games: Table, Board & Card


Leisure Education

Magic & Humor

Massage & Aromatherapy


Moral Development & Values Clarification


Relaxation & Stress Management

Reminiscence, Reality Orientation, & Validation

Sensory Stimulation

Social Interactions & Discussion Groups