About Me

My name is Matt Stein and I am currently a 4th year PhD student in the political science department at Temple University.  My primary field of focus is political theory with a sub-focus on contemporary social movements.  The working title for my dissertation is “An Analysis of Contemporary Social Movements through the Lens of Existential Angst and Solidarity.”  The dissertation will examine Black Lives Matter, the Alt-Right, and Occupy Wall Street from an absurdist perspective and argue that existential angst is (a) a catalyst for the forming of these social movements, and (b) utilized to generate sympathy and support for the movement.

In addition to my dissertation, I am interested in the meta-theoretical question, “what is political theory?” which has been a topic of debate since (at least as far back as) 1939.  I also am interested in the idea of political theory existing within popular culture and media and the presentation of political theory on the silver screen, on TV, and in music.