Setting up the Ubuntu Virtual Machine

We will use the latest version Ubuntu Linux to teach the fundamentals of Linux and programming Python, C++ and Fortan. To ensure that everyone has the same working environment, we provide a virtual machine image that can be run on any computer. You will have to install a software called VirtualBox on you own machine in order to use this immage. In the following, the necessary steps on the different operating systems is outlined.

Getting VirtualBox

Download and install the latest version of VirtualBox for your operating system from

Setting up the Ubuntu Virtual Machine

  1. Download the Virtual Machine Image from
  2. Open “Oracle VM VirtualBox”
  3. Go to File -> Import appliance
  4. Click the folder icon and select the downloaded Image file in the file browser and complete the import


This will give you a fully functioning, ready to use environment inside a virtual machine (VM). Think of it as a computer running inside of your computer. The screen of that computer is a window.


Running the Virtual Machine

To start the virtual machine select the Ubuntu machine in VirtualBox and press “Start”.


User Credentials in VM

For installing software on your own you will need the following credentials on this system:

username: default
password: default