So I was visiting Futako Tamagawa for the first time this weekend. I also went to H&M but let’s leave that alone for now. In Futako Tamagawa a new beer cafe has come to being, right next to the station no less. I was excited when I saw it and went in with my girlfriend and her mom, reiteration, I dragged them in.


The venue was happenen! complete with a line out the door. iBEER LE SUN PALM was a silly name in my opinion but silly names can’t keep me from a good brew.  Or maybe several?


Like most beer venues this one offered samplers. Excited for a plethora  of new beers available on the menu, I was met with enormous disappointment after the very first sip. It was watery, all of the beer was watered down. This might be one of the first real negative blogs I have wrote about a place.


I give credit to its fun atmosphere and popular theming, however, The beer is 1000yen a pint. 1000yen for watered down good beer. So saaaaad, the food is over priced as well for what you are getting. To be fair the area of Futako Tamagawa seems pretty upscale so i’m sure it won’t tank right away…

Regardless I was able to snag a sweet coaster design.


Good Beer Faucets

For the hard core beer fanatic to the casually interested drink lover, Good Beer Faucets has one of the best beer lineups I’ve seen in Tokyo.


Boating 40 different kinds of beer, and a fun bar level atmosphere, this bar is inviting to say the least.


Located down the road after passing Don Qui, Faucets is on the second floor right above Family Mart.


Plenty of space docent seem to stop this place from forming a line out the door, so try and avoid the major beer times, 7-9pm really.

5pm looks like this


I felt VIP today with all this space.


They have happy hour.


Beer from all over the world as well!


Even maybe some samplers!?~


I bought a beer called Nide Beer. It was dark and a little bitter. I had to sip on it before i could get to the bottom of the glass.

Finally I finished my coaster design for this bar visit! ‘


This was a very interesting bar, for its vast beer selection. I would considering going here a treat and not to do every day but as an experience. Give it a try!

Name:Goodbeer faucets
Address:〒150-0046 東京都渋谷区松濤1丁目29−1 クロス ロード ビル 2F
Phone number: 03-3770-5544
Opening hours: 5pm-12am


Taco Bell

I can’t say much for Taco Bell in the states. But I can write a little on the sole existing  available Taco Bell to the Japanese public, located in Shibuya.13711649_2057603764464747_462040057_o

I’m going to be real with you guys, I was just hungry and I’m not sure if this is really a place with froth or not but dang it I wanted a crunch wrap supreme.


I got some Oolong Tea with my set, because I though it would make the best coaster design!


Turned out actually kinda creepy. Anyway, here is the low down on Taco Bell in Japan.

The prices are a slight increase than that of in the states, plan to spend an average of 1000 yen for a set meal. The food is good and the drinks are fast food level, so bland. They do however have Asahi Beer as an available upgrade to your set drink for an extra 200yen.

The interior is vastly more advanced than its United States Counter parts.


Complete with a basement that is spacious and fun night out with friends kind of atmosphere.


I would recommend it as a decent place to stop if you haven’t eaten yet and you’re about to hit the Shibuya night life. Grab a beer, eat a burrito, go make your next mistake! =D

(drink responsibly)