My name is Lydia Woodworth, I am currently a student in the Theraputic Recreation program at Temple University. I believe┬áTheraputic Recreation and Recreation Therapy are an essential part of the health world. Recreation is a huge part of life and I hate the idea of someone not feeling capable of accomplishing their recreation goals. My grandmother, Banny, had Alztimers by the time I was old enough to really have a relationship with her. I lived right next door so I was always spending time with her and enjoying her company. Although I grew up with a very different grandmother then my older siblings did, I cherish the moments I got to be with her and make her feel loved and befriended. I connected with my Banny, and I think I have sort of an “old soul” as my dad would say. All that to say, I am interested in working in the geriatrics community in the future.

After school I would like to work in the geriatrics community. I think recreation is incredibly important as we age so that we maintain health, and enjoy the time we have left. Spending time with people and helping them to do what they set their minds on doing is important as well. I would love to spend my career sitting with people and helping them create, play, and enjoy their life wherever they end up.

Before college I worked with adults at a Theraputic Riding Center, Thorncroft, between this and caring for my grandmother I became interested in Theraputic Recreation. I am currently a Sophomore at Temple University studying to become a Recreational Therapist. The program offers countless opportunities to volunteer, work, and experience the field before actually entering the job market. Once I receive my undergraduate degree, I feel I will be well prepared for the world of TR. I am excited, however, to continue my education after college through ongoing volunteer work and job opportunities.