2012 Fall CIS1057: Computer Programming in C

2013 Spring CIS3203: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

2013 Fall CIS1051: Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming in Python

2014 Spring CIS1051: Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming in Python

2014 Fall CIS1068: Program Design and Abstraction

2015 Spring CIS1068: Program Design and Abstraction

Grade Interpretation


Office Location & Hour

Location: RM 307 SERC

Time: Friday 3-5 pm (Or with appointment)

Assignment Policy

To pass the course, students must maintain a passing average on both the exams and the lab assignments. All of the assignments must be students’ own work. Plagiarism and academic cheating will not be tolerated at all. Discussion about the homework (NOT SIMPLY COPY) is encouraged but every student should write his/her own solution individually. Commonly there is a penalty for LATE SUBMISSION (15% for one day, 25% for two days, 40% for 3 days, more than 3 days will not be accepted). Such lateness policy will be replaced if the professor has one. If you have problem with the grades, please contact me within 2 weeks after the grade being reported. All assignment solutions should be submitted via Blackboard otherwise with notice. The grades will be released in Blackboard as well.

Lab Session

We will meet weekly on Wednesday at SERC RM. 206 from 1:00 pm to 2:50 pm. We will discuss homework assignments and answer questions. Occasionally, new material will be presented, but the format will be more discussion than lecture. Please bring up any questions you may have, or email me your questions ahead of time to be discussed during lab session.

Feel free to email me if you have questions. I am glad to work with all of you this semester.