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Q: How many public computers are at Paley Library? 
A: There are 142 PCs in Paley Library

  • 3 in the Special Collections Reading Room for Researchers
  • 3 in Media Services on the Ground Floor for viewing Microfilm and 1 for searching the library catalog
  • 3 in the Digital Scholar Scholarship Center on the Ground Floor
  • 66 on the West Side of the First Floor for general use and 2 for searching the library catalog
  • 24 on the East Side of the First Floor for general use
  • 26 on the 2nd Floor for general use
  • 13 on the 3rd Floor for general use

Q: At Science & Engineering Library?

A: There are 40 PCs

  • All are located in the Science and Engineering Library on the 2nd Floor of the Engineering Building

Q: Are there Mac computers available in Paley?
A: Yes

  • There are 2 in Media Services on the Ground Floor of Paley with Final Cut Pro installed
  • There are 3 in the Digital Scholarship Center on the Ground Floor
  • There are 7 on the First Floor of Paley for general use

Q: Are there Mac computers available in the Science and Engineering Library?
A: No.  Many Engineering applications are Windows only.

Q: How many printers and photocopiers are available?
A: There are 5 black-and-white printers and 1 color printer. There are 6 black-and-white photocopiers and 1 color copier.

Q: Are there any other computer labs on campus?
A: Yes. For a full list of Labs on Campus, visit Computer Labs on Campus

Q: Is there wireless access in the library?
A: Yes, the network name to connect your devices to the wireless internet is ‘TUsecurewireless’. Please use your TU accessnet to connect to the wireless network.

Q: What is my TU Accessnet?
A: Your Accessnet username is the username that you use to log into various Temple services. To look up your Accessnet username, go to http://accounts.temple.edu and click on I forgot my Accessnet username.

You can also go to TUportal, hover your mouse over “Login Help” under the TUportal Photo, then click on Forgot your Accessnet username.

Q: How can I print from my laptop?
You can print from  your laptop by either  email or installing the “Print on the Go” software:
OPTION 1: Login to tumail.temple.edu, and e-mail to ‘owlprint@temple.edu’ with your documents attached to the email

OPTION 2: Install Print on the Go on your laptop. Directions here.

Q: Where can I download drivers for my Dell or HP laptop?
You will have to visit your product’s site to download the necessary drivers for  your laptop. Below are the links to respective sites:
Dell : Enter your Service Tag to view drivers
HP:    Enter your product name/number to look up drivers
Apple: Visit the Apple Support page

Q: When would it be appropriate to use the E-Scanner (overhead) instead of the flatbed scanner?
A: It is best to use the e-scanner when you have many, many pages (i.e. a book). The flatbed scanner scans only one page at a time whereas the e-scanner can scan two pages simultaneously.

Q: How do I use the Epson flatbed scanner?
A: To scan your document as a PDF, follow this tutorial. To scan your document as an image, follow this tutorial.

Q: How do I use the photocopier?
Insert money into the cash receptacle or swipe your student ID (to use your Diamond Dollars) to begin. Put your document on the scanner (location of document is noted by the arrow on the top-right corner). Push the green ‘Start’ button to begin copying. You can use the touch-screen to change certain settings (such as paper size).

Q: How much is it per photocopy?
A: Each photocopy is 10 cents. You may pay through Diamond Dollars or cash. The photocopiers do not accept print quota.

Q: Is there a fax machine in the library?
A: No, Paley Library does not have a fax machine. You can fax your documents from the UPS Store in the Student Activities Center (SAC) for a small fee.

Q: My job was set to print in Portrait, but it is printing out in Landscape orientation. What happened?
A: To make sure your document prints out in portrait form, click File –> Print. Under the ‘Settings’, make sure the orientation is set to Portrait and right underneath that, make sure the Paper Size is set to Letter. If the Paper Size is set to Legal or A4, your document will print out in Landscape orientation.

Q: Can I save a document on the  public computer and resume it later?
No, you cannot save a document on the public computer. You must save your document to a USB flash drive, email it to yourself, or upload it to your cloud (OwlBox, Dropbox, etc).

Q: What softwares are available at the library?
A: For complete listing of softwares available please visit this site

Q: Where can I find technical support in the library?
A: There are “Technical Lab Assistants” on duty 7 days a week.  They are stationed at the round reference desk in the Information Commons. During the Fall and Spring semesters the tech assistants are on duty from 7:00am – 10:00pm.  Look for the Red Vests!

Q: May a non-temple student or staff use library computers?
A: Most computers in the libraries are for use by currently enrolled Temple University students, faculty and staff members.  Several “Guest Computers” are available for use by the general public in the Tuttleman building. An application and photo ID are required in order to obtain a card and account which guest can use to log themselves on to a computer.  Use is limited to 2 hours per day. There are 12 guest computers available for general public use in the Tuttleman building, opposite the Access Services desk.


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