Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology Overview

The Temple University Libraries are committed to making all their resources available to all Temple University students, faculty and staff on an equal basis.  In order to facilitate equal access there are dedicated accessible workstations and printers in all the Libraries.  Accessible workstations provided unobstructed access to all forward controls and input/output bins.  These workstations are identified by the below, internationally accepted, accessibility symbol.

Accessibility symbol

In addition to dedicated workstations the Libraries maintain a supply of adaptive hardware that staff can connect to a computer upon request.  These include rollerball mice, natural keyboards and USB headphone/microphone headsets.

Adaptive software is installed on all computers in the libraries, not only those dedicated as accessible workstations.

Assistive Technology Resources In Paley Library

I. Adaptive Software Available On All Public Computers

  • JAWS – Reads aloud what is on users screen (PC)
  • MAGIC  – Magnifies screen up to 36x (PC)
  • Read and Write Gold for Windows – dictation (PC)
  • Zoom (Mac)
  • Voiceover for Mac (Voice driven navigation)
  • Zoom for Mac (Screen magnification)
  • Dragon Dictate (Dictation)

II. Accessible Computer Workstations

  • Accessible computer workstations are available on every floor in Paley.
  • Accessible workstations meet required height and reach requirements ensuring unobstructed access to equipment, controls, peripherals and ports for those in wheelchair.
  • Accessible workstations have large 23in monitors.

III. Accessible Printers and Pay For Print

  • All printers and Pharos stations in Paley meet required height and reach requirements ensuring unobstructed access to card swipes and output trays.
  • The Cash Printer computer has a screen reader installed for the visually impaired. 

IV. Adaptive Hardware Available in Paley Library

  • Rollerball Mice
  • Natural Keyboards
  • USB Headphone/Microphone Headsets

*Mice, keyboards and headsets are stored in RM 110 and LTS staff will connect for users upon request.

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