Augmented Reality Application for Shelf Reading

I started at Temple as a temp (January 2005) working in our Paley Stacks for John Oram. I find this video and application interesting, my brother sent it to me.

This application would have come in handy for me and all my fellow student co-workers, perhaps something like this will benefit future staff.

The application could be used by patrons to enhance their book searching and browsing experience.

Someone on a LISNews blog posts:

“‘Patron looks up handful of titles in the catalog, goes to the shelf, and lets the app flag the right books.’

Now that I like the sound of….

Or how about any books on the related subject being highlighted as you walk through the stacks? eg asian influences could be seen in religion, cookery, politics, geography etc.”

Video of Augmented Reality Application for Shelf Reading

Augmented Reality a Wiki Definition

What do you think?

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