Je suis faim

Though technology has made great strides, it is important to not let it do the thinking for you, because it can often be wrong. Take google translate as an example, language learners often fall into the trap of letting it translate what they want to say verbatim. However, this technology often misses the nuances of certain languages. If you are not careful, you will get phrases like estoy hambre, or je suis peur!

Je ne sé pas…

For people who are learning more than one language at a time it can be difficult to keep the respective languages separate, especially when they are in the same language group. Since I am taking both Spanish and French, which are both considered romance languages, I often fall into that trap as well. If I am not careful, or I am typing too fast, I might mix words from both languages into one sentence and not even realize. However, thanks to technology, Microsoft word has the ability to change language settings on individual documents. Therefore, if by mistake you type in a word outside of the target language a redline will appear under the word and you will know to go back.

Hello Digital world 2020!

My name is Lytice Gordon and I am a double major in Spanish Linguistics and French with a minor in Africology and African-American studies. The purpose of my blog is to examine how the use of technology, along with what we have learned in Digital World 2020, can be applied in my life, but specifically for students in my majors.

Como se dice…

As a student studying foreign languages, it can be extremely frustrating when you are writing a paper in another language and you know what to say in English but you can’t quite remember the words you want to say in the target language. Before technology, you would have to grab a thick dictionary and search through a mountain of words before you could find the word you are looking for. However, thanks to technology, we now have online dictionaries. Now it is as easy as typing the word you want in English, and your chosen dictionary site will give you the word back in the target language. It only takes seconds!

Did you know?

How many keyboards does your phone have?

Did you know that in most celular phones there is an option to add different language keyboards, in addition to the traditional English keyboard. All you have to do is go to your keyboard settings. Once added you can change back and forth between keyboards with a touch of a button!

Language Exchange

One way that language learners like to improve upon their skills is to get what is called an intercambio, in Spanish, or an échange, in French. This is a person who natively speaks the desired target language, but is also looking to practice their English with a native English speaker. As one would guess, it may be difficult to find someone in your city or state to do this exchange with you but that is where technology steps in. Through our technological advances, it is now possible to meet someone from Spain or France, right in the comfort of your own bedroom.