In order to receive a SPIN Honors Grant, you must earn at least 20 SPIN points and complete the solicitations requirement. SPIN points may be earned in a variety of different ways which are listed below. If you earn more than 20 SPIN points you are likely to receive a larger SPIN grant.

Keep track of your SPIN points here. This list of SPIN point eligible events will help to jog your memory!

Solicitations are vital to SPIN’s fundraising. Each item that is auctioned off in the Annual SPIN Auction is a result of students soliciting local businesses for donations. Details about how to meet the solicitations requirement will be discussed in detail in late Fall.

How to Count Your SPIN Points–

Community Service Project = 1 point (per hour)

Community Volunteer Work = 1 point (per hour)

Donations (School Supply Drive/Toy Drive) = ½ point

Forum = 1-3 points (Documentary: 1, Forum: 2)

Public Interest Panel or Lecture = 1 point (per hour)

SPIN Tabling/Event Help= ½ point (per hour unless specified otherwise)