2013 Policy Papers

Aaron Spencer“Sexual Assault in the Military”

Aaron Spencer

Alex Kipperman“Creating a Coherent Regulatory Framework for Laboratory-Developed Tests”

Alex Kipperman

Ben Kraut“Addressing the Rise of Water Conflict through Executive Action: A Strategy for the Coming Global Crisis”

Ben Kraut

Chris Yaracs“Private Prisons, Public Peril: Mass Incarceration and the Prison Economy”

Chris Yaracs

Elyssa Geshwind“The Future of Anti-Discrimination Laws: Moving from an Enforcement Model to a Compliance Model under the FHA”

Elyssa Geschwind

Frank Iannuzzi“Reviving Postal Banking”

Frank Iannuzzi

Gerard Leone“More Neutral Internet Through Common Carriage”

Gerard Leone

Ikram Ally“The Criminalization of Mental Illness”

Ikram Ally

Janice Arellano“Revisiting the FMLA: Promoting Work/Life Balance for All Workers”

Janice Arellano

Jessica Pelliciotta“The Electronic Communications Privacy Act: the Necessity of Reform & Proposed Action”

Jessica Pelliciotta

Kevin Brett“The JOBS Act and SEC Rulemaking”

Kevin Brett

Lauren Marsh“The Intersection of International Child Abduction and Domestic Violence”

Lauren Marsh

Leslie Allen“HIV Vaccine: Addressing the Potential for Market Failure”

Leslie Allen

Mike Resnick“Merchant Banking”

Mike Resnick

Rachel Matesic“The Expanding Role of Public-Private Partnerships in the Executive Branch”

Rachel Matesic

Sarah Escalante“Foreign Cultural Exchange on Trial: Closing the Gap Between the Immunity from Seizure Act and the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act”

Sarah Escalante

Victor de Meireles“Immigration Reform: Encouraging Legal Immigration”

Victor de Meireles

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