My goal as an educator is to help individuals mature into educated consumers of scientific knowledge. I believe that teachers should not only facilitate knowledge, but also inspire students to make individual discoveries. As a teacher, I ask my students to use their prior knowledge as a starting place for their current learning. I balance my teaching between lecturing, holding discussions, and requiring students to make informed decisions based on primary sources. While completing Temple University’s Teaching in Higher Education Certificate, I strengthened my pedagogical knowledge and beliefs, and have used these while teaching.


Instructor, Statistics for Decision Making
Temple University
Spring 2017

Instructor, Advanced Child Development
Penn State University, Brandywine
Fall 2015

Instructor, Child Development: Birth to Nine 
Temple University
Spring 2015

Teaching Apprentice, Child Development: Birth to Nine – online
Temple University
Fall 2014

Teaching Assistant, Infant and Child Development
Penn State University, Brandywine
Spring 2011