Blog Post 3: MyRevolution

The assignment of this blog post was to visit a site from you Philadelphia first and at first I thought I was going to the right place, but it turns out I was wrong. The first address that I visited was the original site of the first recognized women’s medical college in Pennsylvania. The original address was 3300 Henry st, Philadelphia so I went to this destination first. But upon my arrival I was very thrown off, it did not look like a college campus and I was very confused. The place I ended up was the Falls center. It is part of the medical college of Pennsylvania hospital but was not the site I was looking for. After re reading the article I found out that my site was actually bought by Drexel university and it was luckily only down the street. So I walked over to the new site. Once I reached there was a sign (which will be in my pictures) where I read about the historical relevance and learned about how it was the first female medical school to be recognized as a women’s institution even though there have been other previous that have not been recognized. Once inside I told them about my project and they let me walk around freely around the school. It is no different than your average college lecture hall. I think a lot can be learned from this site. This school was one of the pioneers in women’s education, being the first all women’s medical school.

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