First American Revolutions Blog- Statement of Purpose

My name is Kyle Chin. I am a freshman who graduated from Kellenberg Memorial High School. My current major is in sports management and tourism hospitality. ┬áHistory is one of my favorite subjects because it is a very broad field. You can learn the history of anything, whether it being the history of America, the history of the New York Knickerbockers, or even the history of your own lineage. There are so many routes that you can explore and each is sharing it’s own history. Everything in history tells a story and no two stories are ever alike. History is also very interesting to me because in the past we have had some very bad things happen and it is our job as the future generations to see what has happened and know what not to do so we are destined to repeat it. I am also very interested in math. Ever since I was young I had loved doing math equations. I always envisioned math problems as puzzles that I had to solve and over the years I loved the complexity that slowly came along with higher up math. Over the past two years I have discovered a way of combing my favorite hobby which is basketball and my favorite subject which is math. Combined it is a field called sports analytics, the most notable person in this field was the Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane. He was able to use data that he collected from scouting players to build a team and to win a national championship for his franchise.┬áMy goal is to one day work for the New York Knickerbockers in their sports analytics department, using data analytics to scout players and teams so we are able to game plan for the upcoming opponent and hopefully win a championship. My ultimate dream would be to become the president of basketball operations for any NBA team.

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