My name is Kent Tran and I am a freshmen studying therapeutic recreation at Temple University. My first semester of college I had planned on going for a radiology related major but I realized that Temple does not have a major or program for radiology. So I went undeclared for one semester and was going into my second semester my friend recommended me to look into a kinesiology or therapeutic recreation field. I decided to look into therapeutic recreation and I liked the idea and values of the field. I enjoyed the idea of what a therapeutic recreation specialist would do in their career. The values and ethics that the specialists and practitioners have for their participants. Recreation in my opinion is a great way to help people recover from many different conditions whether it would be psychical or mental injuries. This field is definitely a different way of the healing process aside from a biomedical view.

In the field, I would like to work with elderly people in geriatrics. I believe including therapeutic recreation into their lives will enhance their social skills with each other. To a point where these activities do not seem like activities to the elderly but instead as fun that they cannot wait to participate in with their friends. It is also helpful because mind games or mental activities help keep elderly patient’s cognitive functions going no matter how old they get. It helps keep them engaged and always thinking so that they can build their minds even at an old age. I hope to work in a hospital or an institution with geriatrics or even pediatrics. Something that has a professional feel to it but also extends a caring hand towards all the patients.

I have done some volunteer work at Waverly Heights in my second semester of my freshmen year and I really enjoyed it. I plan to take what I learned in class and experienced shadowing a CTRS. I would then compare what I learned in the field and in class to see what methods are more effective. I also plan to continue my studies in class because I am still only a freshmen and intend to volunteer or intern in other populations of therapeutic recreation to diversify my experiences. I also plan to make social skills apart of my set of attributes so that I can be helpful in any setting with activities and skills to work on.