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Artful Science

My name is Emily Kovach. I started Temple University in 2015 as a journalism major. In 2019, I graduated from TU with a Bachelor of Science in neuroscience. People are always caught off guard by that fact, considering journalism and neuroscience are two very different disciplines. Except they aren’t, really. They’re both uncovering and telling stories, just in slightly different ways. And, more importantly, they can both truly help people. That’s why I’m doing this (seriously, ask me about the story of microglia and how these tiny immune cells could revolutionize the field).

I’m continuing my education, also at Temple, as a master’s student in the department of biology. I study memory and immune dysregulation in the brain as a result of infection. I also manage a developmental biology lab, take care of my puppy and two cats, and founded

In sum, I like to look at the brain almost as much as I love my animals.