I am a sophomore studying Therapeutic Recreation at Temple University. When I started college, I was a nursing major. Throughout my entire life I have always known I wanted to help people in some way. Turned out that nursing was not for me, but I still wanted to find a profession in the medical field. I did a ton of research on different careers, and thankfully Therapeutic Recreation came up in one of my searches. I had never heard of Therapeutic Recreation before, and I quickly learned that it was a very underappreciated field. After transferring to a new school, and jumping into this program I did not really know what to expect, but so far I am completely in love. As cheesy as it sounds, I feel like it was fate that Therapeutic Recreation came up in my search, because I couldn’t imagine not being where I am today.

Professionally I hope to work with children in a hospital setting. Therapeutic Recreation is a very important part in an child’s recovery process. Children should be able to have fun no matter what the circumstance in their life is. My main goal is to give children the hope they may have not had before, especially in the hospital setting. Environment is a very important reflector of a persons mental state, so adding enjoyment and brightness into a very dreary environment is crucial to the patients well being. My dream job is to work in a children’s hospital. I’ve always known I wanted to work in one, I just did not always know what profession I would have. As a Therapeutic Recreation therapist I hope to provide a more positive atmosphere for the children, and help them realize anything possible.

Throughout my short time in the Therapeutic Recreation program and Temple University, I have already learned so much. My volunteer experience has opened me up to so many new learning opportunities. I’ve been able to experience so many different settings already where Therapeutic Recreation is used. From something more complex as an adventure program of allowing people with disabilities to be able to go canoeing, to a day care with children learning about the five senses. I’m developing more and more skills throughout my classes, and volunteering. I plan to gain more experience with sports related recreation. Learning more about adaptive equipment, and different strategies that were created to allow people to do the activities they love, and hopefully design more. I believe my optimism will make me a valuable asset to different programs I become a part of.