Hello world!

My name is Kory Isaiah Calicat-Wayns, I am a Philadelphia native hailing from the best Philly… West Philly. Being from the city, I did not envision myself at Temple University growing up. My major is theater so, as you can probably imagine, I wanted to go to school in New York, the theater capital of the world. But there is something about this campus and the theater department here that kept me interested in staying in Philly. My academic interest stretch beyond the theater but somehow they still relate. Example, I am in love with literature. My head is always in a book, I love to analyze and break down what authors mean when they put pen to paper. This ties back into my love of the theater in a pretty obvious way. The art of theater is, at its root, storytelling and that is exactly what literature does. Aside from that I am also very interested in history and philosophy. I am fascinated by the way people perceive the world. humanity is a complex state of affairs and great minds are constantly looking for an explanation of just what it is we are doing here and that is incredible to me. History caught my interest because looking at what happened in the past can reflect and explain things that are happening in the world today. The famous saying goes that is you do not know your history you are doomed to repeat it. And as a Black man in these United States it is my responsibility to inform myself on the truth of my past and learn from it in any way I can.