About Me

On a personal level, I do enjoy physical activities including boxing and biking that I both consider to be great opportunities to reboot my mind and motivation on a daily basis. In addition, practicing these effort requiring passions plays a crucial role in the support, development and mastering of my learning and adaptability skills in a conscious and goal-oriented approach.

In a professional perspective, I do possess some familiarity with food and beverage services and environments after having been engaged into maintenance, transportation of ordered items through deliveries and financial related operations towards both the guests and the organization itself. Additionally, I have experimental skills when it comes to guest services operations in specific areas as at the Reading Terminal Market of Philadelphia and various types of small as large social meetings and events affiliated with private, corporate or leisure-based gatherings with responsibilities involving primarily the reception and assistance of the customers, the share of organizational and commercial information as counseling communications with a business-related purpose.


701 S 5th Street, Philadelphia


Reading Terminal Market, 51 N 12th Street


710 W Girard Avenue, Philadelphia





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