I am a sophomore studying therapeutic recreation at Temple University. I graduated with my associates degree in general studies at Northampton Community College. After earning my degree I was unsure of what I wanted to do next. I always had a passion for animals so I applied for the vet-tech program but have quickly come to the realization that veterinary school was not for me. It was not long after that I have discovered the field of therapeutic recreation and fell in love with the profession. At first, I was not fully aware of what this job entails which led me to do more research about it. The job description was so enticing to me because it involved everything that I had a desire for such as finding ways to help people overcome their disadvantages in a fun and creative way. I always enjoyed helping people in their time of need and always tried my best to find the best solution to their problems so I knew this career would be perfect for me.

As I continue my profession in this field I aim to work with clients ranging from adolescents to adults in the physical rehabilitation aspect. To me, therapeutic recreation is about finding creative opportunities to help an individual overcome their disability in ways that no one else has thought of. I also believe that recreational therapy is a chance to have the client achieve their goals in a way that is enjoyable to them rather than just hard work. The following statement about running is one way that I like to relate recreational therapy to, “The real run begins the moment you forget you are running.” This is a saying that shows that the runner has such a strong passion for running that they actually forget that they are running. I believe this is how recreational therapy should be because the client should be so overjoyed with the activity that they are engaging in that they should forget why they are engaged with this activity in the first place; which is to overcome their disability.

Continuing my education in the therapeutic recreation program is the starting point for reaching my professional goals. Once I have graduated with my degree my goal is to obtain a job in a hospital setting working with clients with physical rehabilitation needs. Earning my degree will give me the appropriate knowledge and hand on skills in order to treat my clients to their individual needs and goals. My recent volunteering has also given me better insight and experience working one on one with individuals with physical disabilities. Volunteering will be a good starting point for me to see how it is to interact with the individuals before I start my career working as a CTRS.