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Myself as a Teacher

Hello! I am in my 5th year teaching German at a Middle School in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I’m also currently TESOL master’s student at Temple University. I have various experience working with ELs over the years. I spent a year in Austria teaching English, I teach a ELD summer program, and do volunteer classes with adult ELs. You can see my full resume here

My Teaching Philosophy:

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” This quote reminds me of the reason I choose to become a teacher – to have my own verse in the world, and have an impact on the future. I want to prepare my students for success in the outside world. As an ESL teacher I believe that all my students will be able to use the content I teach them to interact with the world around them. I believe in holding every student accountable, developing culture awareness, and preparing students to use the content material in the outside world and converse with English speakers for practical use.

            In my classroom, I will hold every student accountable for their learning because I firmly believe that all my students are capable of learning. It is my goal to prepare all my students with the ability to communicate with others in English. I want all my students to be completing assignments, participating in class, and performing well on assessments so that I know they are learning the material. I understand that every student is different, and I will hold each student accountable at his/her own level. I am prepared to give some students more of a challenge and also provide additional scaffolding to those students struggling. I believe that holding each and every student accountable gives everyone a fair chance in succeeding and ensures that every student will leave my classroom with sufficient skills to carry with them into their future. I will not let a student slip through the cracks, and allow them to get through my class without having learned anything. I will hold my students accountable for their learning; and they will know to come prepared for class and ready to learn. I will incorporate both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in my classroom in order to appeal to a variety of students and get them to do the work.

               As an ESL teacher I value the ability to communicate with others in English. Therefore, I believe students will learn best by being able to use the language freely and often.  Research has suggested that both an input and output of language contributes to second language acquisition. For this reason, I will create a safe environment for students in which they do not feel threaten to participate, and encourage the use of the target language throughout most of the instruction time. I will create lessons that are meaningful to students, so that they have real use for learning the material. I understand that learning a new language is difficult and often frustrating but I want students to be engaged and want to continue with learning English. I will encourage students to use English in class, try their best, test risks, and not be afraid to make mistakes.

               It is my goal that students will learn and develop themselves in my classroom. I want all my students to walk out of my classroom feeling more prepared and confident with themselves than the day before. I want to create learners who will take the material I taught them to expand their horizons and interact with various people around them and continue learning through their new interactions that were made possible because of the time spent in my classroom.