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Childhood (During Hong Kong, Brief Intro)

Born in Hong Kong

Alma Mater:
• Christian & Missionary Alliance Joyful Peace Kindergarten
• Ma On Shan Ling Liang Primary School

Extracurricular Activities (Primary School):
• Go Club; First Grade
• Handchime/Handbell Team; Third Grade to Sixth Grade

Awards and Achievement:
• Hong Kong International Handbell Olympics; Silver
• Several Volunteer Certificate

A Turning Point:
Due to limited English proficiency, my rank in my primary school is in the lower-middle range. After being rejected by the first and second choice of secondary schools, my parents provide two options: choose the remaining choice, or move to the U.S. to study in a local middle school, I chose the latter.


• 基督教宣道會頌安幼稚園
• 馬鞍山靈糧小學

• 圍棋俱樂部;一年級
• 手鐘/手鈴隊;三年級至六年級

• 香港國際手鈴奧林匹克;銀獎
• 數份義工證書


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