Why and how and what? – Art (Personal thought)

There’s always someone gonna be asking what’s art? Why do you want to do this? How?

Some people do answer art in a factual way, and some people says they can create their own world with art, some people say it makes life better, some one says it can earn money……..etc.


For me personally, I don’t even think of or care what I’m doing if it is art or what. To be honest, I think as long as you enjoy it you like it you want to do it. Then do it. It’s not only about art everything works the same way.


It’s just my personal thought.

Transportation in Japan (Personal thought)

The most well-known Japanese transportation must be train/subway. Second one should be bicycles.

For me personally, I feel like if I wanna commute (Ex, home→work, buying things) I would rather get a bike than staying on crowdy train full of people.

Also I wanna ask who’s paying for all the electricity fees used by all the trains and stations? People in Japan? What if someone didn’t even take train at all?