About a product – Tamagoyaki

So here’s a Tamagoyaki, from seven-eleven, Japan.


Tamagoyaki is a traditional Japanese dish been served for more than 400 years started from the Edo period(1603 -1868). Till now, tamagoyaki is still a dish that will shows up in every meals. Ways to make tamagoyaki are very different, each of them requires different skills and understandings, specially experiences. Isn’t it amazing that it takes so much just to make this little row of egg?

Even though it’s a dish been served for centuries, for now tamagoyaki still stands a great position among Japanese people’s taste, not only that and also people over the planet. It a dish that can be serve as whole range, you can get it as a very expensive high quality meal or simply just a coin value from convenience stores located everywhere in Japan.

As you can see all the juicyness and all the glories above in the picture of a tamagoyaki, what are you waiting for? Go get one a enjoy its long term of history and all the time and path it has been through.

I love tamagoyaki.