My personal though about study week before examination week and different types of classes

There’s always a study week before the examination week. For most of the people, it like a vacation week.

Because during that week there are  mostly not classes at all. Specially for the final exam. Which mean after the final the real vacation comes. Some people told me that final examination study week for them is like pre-vacation. It is true that they only have few classed or even have no class during the week.

Sounds really nice for me, but there’s a misunderstanding among some of these people around me. I’m art major so all the classed I’m taking is art classes. Lots of people think that art classes are easy because there’s no complicate lectures or essays, tests to do. It is true we don’t have those things, but we have a lot of work need to deal with in just on single project. To be honest we spend more time on an art project then writing a paper for language classes of any other classes that require you to write papers.

Ok, back to study week or pre-vacation week, free week(whatever you like to call it). Not only me for most of the art students, we call it a catch up all the projects week. We have to hand in everything at the final week, so that basically means study week is our last chance last few days to work on everything you’ve not finish yet.

So intense.

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