I start cooking again, and I messed up.

It has been months that I have not been cooking because it takes time and have to clean up.

But I find out keep buying stuff from コンビニ is not going to save money and most of them contains lots of oil or salt.


So I decide to start cooking again like what I’ve been doing a lot ago. But I’ve been not cooking for almost 8 months. I messed up my dinner, with overly cooked ham and cheese that make it become so dry and salty(because the burnt oil and salt things stuck on it). And my tamagoyaki is burnt also, the surface of my favorite tamagoyaki got burnt and become hard and dry.


Every ingredients in this meal were from コンビニ actually, but all of them actually cost less than the normal whole meal.

What a pleasant dinner, I drink so many water after it.

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