Continue on recover my cooking skill

So I cooked last time and it was horrible. But I’m not giving up and go back to コンビニ food again.

This time I try cook some pork, and they are those very thin sliced pork for yakiniku. The reason of choosing these kind of very thin meat which means it can be very easily cooked in a short time also the same chance it can get burned if you missed calculate the time it stay on the pan or the control of fire.

And the result turned out was pretty nice. I’m now slowly retrieving my cooking skills and control the fire. But I forgot we don’t need to add oil when we cook those kind of meat(which themselves already contains lots of oil in them). And for the eggs, eggs are always the food that will show up on every of my meals, nothing special about it.


This time, all the ingredients were from Atre, which is much more cheaper than コンビニ, and I got more choices on the meats, eggs, also the cheese. And I think they are healthier.

It was a nice dinner. Just a little bit too oil. And it cost under 600 Yen.

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