My personal though about study week before examination week and different types of classes

There’s always a study week before the examination week. For most of the people, it like a vacation week.

Because during that week there are  mostly not classes at all. Specially for the final exam. Which mean after the final the real vacation comes. Some people told me that final examination study week for them is like pre-vacation. It is true that they only have few classed or even have no class during the week.

Sounds really nice for me, but there’s a misunderstanding among some of these people around me. I’m art major so all the classed I’m taking is art classes. Lots of people think that art classes are easy because there’s no complicate lectures or essays, tests to do. It is true we don’t have those things, but we have a lot of work need to deal with in just on single project. To be honest we spend more time on an art project then writing a paper for language classes of any other classes that require you to write papers.

Ok, back to study week or pre-vacation week, free week(whatever you like to call it). Not only me for most of the art students, we call it a catch up all the projects week. We have to hand in everything at the final week, so that basically means study week is our last chance last few days to work on everything you’ve not finish yet.

So intense.

Continue on recover my cooking skill

So I cooked last time and it was horrible. But I’m not giving up and go back to コンビニ food again.

This time I try cook some pork, and they are those very thin sliced pork for yakiniku. The reason of choosing these kind of very thin meat which means it can be very easily cooked in a short time also the same chance it can get burned if you missed calculate the time it stay on the pan or the control of fire.

And the result turned out was pretty nice. I’m now slowly retrieving my cooking skills and control the fire. But I forgot we don’t need to add oil when we cook those kind of meat(which themselves already contains lots of oil in them). And for the eggs, eggs are always the food that will show up on every of my meals, nothing special about it.


This time, all the ingredients were from Atre, which is much more cheaper than コンビニ, and I got more choices on the meats, eggs, also the cheese. And I think they are healthier.

It was a nice dinner. Just a little bit too oil. And it cost under 600 Yen.

I start cooking again, and I messed up.

It has been months that I have not been cooking because it takes time and have to clean up.

But I find out keep buying stuff from コンビニ is not going to save money and most of them contains lots of oil or salt.


So I decide to start cooking again like what I’ve been doing a lot ago. But I’ve been not cooking for almost 8 months. I messed up my dinner, with overly cooked ham and cheese that make it become so dry and salty(because the burnt oil and salt things stuck on it). And my tamagoyaki is burnt also, the surface of my favorite tamagoyaki got burnt and become hard and dry.


Every ingredients in this meal were from コンビニ actually, but all of them actually cost less than the normal whole meal.

What a pleasant dinner, I drink so many water after it.

Funny life event

I got so tired about walking to the station every time and get stuck in whole bundle of people.

So I bought a nice and fancy bicycle. And guess what, I forgot how to steer a bike.

Everything works perfectly when I got a bike and jump on it. Starting to step it and control the speed and everything, I encountered a turn and naturally we are going to turn when we see a turn. What happened was when I was about to turn my bike and myself, I lose all my balance and stable on the bike and fall onto the ground.

GGWP I really have to practice how to steer a bike again so it won’t ends up a total waste of money.

Random thought – Sun

Sun come up from the east the whole time. It’s a proofed fact.

But what I’m thinking is, what’s gonna happen if the sun was originally come out from the west? Will we human or any other creatures still be alive on the planet? Or our living will be totally opposite? Or will the world just end if that happens?

How will solar system be like or look like when when everything works in an opposite way?