Byrne, Journalism, Blog 1

Scrivner, Barbra. “Mandatory minimums do more harm than good, ex-inmate says.” USA Today.


This article captured my attention because it was a personal story that then related back to society as a whole with its references to real statistics. Writer Barbra Scrivner of USA Today describes her downward spiral that then landed her in prison. Referencing date from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, she describes how much the 2.4 million prison population is costing the government: $80 million to be exact. What I like about her writing style is that she provides statistics in contrasting ways. Percentages, dollars, millions, etc. This helps differentiate the numbers and makes it easier to read and comprehend for the viewer, in my opinion. She even references laws themselves, citing the Department of Justice.


Hello world!

Find a news piece supported by research, statistics or any thing related to what you have learned in this class. Each week’s piece should be from the preceding week, i.e. for March 24th (0324) it should be something from March 17th to the 24th, etc. and inclusive.


Cite the article properly so I can find it easily and in blog style (100-200 words) tell me why you chose it, what was it that caught your attention. Maybe what database or source was used or could have been used to support it.


I am looking for substantive examples of news not mere mentions in a brief. You will be graded on the quality of the news as well as your own comments on how it relates to Journalism Research.