Totally didn’t even realize I missed a week, so for what it’s worth, here is for the week I missed. Made sure to find an article from that week.

I chose an article titled “Sixers will sign PG Phil Pressey” from the Philadelphia Daily News by Bob Cooney, a popular journalist that I have read work from in the past. As a (admittedly) Sixers fan, this caught my attention because as a basketball guy and a fan I have realized how point guard-deprived the Sixers have been ever since they traded Michael Carter-Williams last year. Carter-Williams was a good player, but not a guy that Sam Hinkie and Brett Brown wanted to build their franchise around for years to come. Phil Pressey happens to join the carousel of Sixers point guards that has been going around since Carter-Williams’s departure. If you can’t tell by now, I am big on sports articles, especially Phily stuff. I’ve always been a Sixers fan and always will be, even with them in their current awful state. Cooney does a nice job of telling us a little bit about Pressey, who is not very well known. He shares a quote from Aaron Mintz, Pressey’s agent, who says the Sixers are getting a “really good young player and a good man.” Pressey isn’t the savior the Sixers are looking for obviously, but he should end up being a pretty good role player on a pretty bad team and a stopgap for whenever the Sixers find their point guard of the future.


Cooney, Bob. “Sixers Will Sign PG Phil Pressey.” Philadelphia Media Network, 4 Nov. 2015. Web. 19 Nov. 2015. <>.


I chose an article from Rolling Stone titled “Paper Wheels” by Will Hermes. It is under the reviews section, and it is a review of Trey Anastasio’s latest solo album, Paper Wheels. Trey is the lead singer and guitarist for the jam band Phish. Trey had the opportunity to play alongside some of the remaining members of the Grateful Dead at their Fare Thee Well 50th anniversary shows in Chicago on July 3rd, 4th, and 5th 2015. This new album is a reflection of his experiences with the Dead, and according to Hermes you can hear it in these songs. I chose this article after getting the idea of checking out a music review, thinking of what would spark my interest, and Rolling Stone was the first place that came to mind. On the home page of their review section was a list of the most recent reviews of the most recent releases, and as I scrolled down the review of Trey’s album was the first to catch my eye. I have recently become a big fan of his and Phish over the last year or so due to a reference from a Dead-head friend. I have always been a fan of the Grateful Dead, even attending the Dead & Company concert a few weeks ago (Sorry, professor :D…). I was interested to see what kind of music Trey would come up with after his time with the Dead, and I as well as Will Hermes in this article can tell you that Trey did not disappoint. Harmes does a nice job in this short but sweet review of touching on the Dead comparisons to the songs on Paper Wheels, including hearing a little bit of “Shakedown Street” in Trey’s songs “Flying Machines” and “Sometime After Sunset.”


Hermes, Will. “Trey Anastasio’s New Album: Paper Wheels.” Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone, 29 Oct. 2015. Web. 19 Nov. 2015. <>.


I chose an article on USA Today titled “”Former major league pitcher Tommy Hanson, 29, dies.” I chose this article for two reasons. One reason is that it goes along with the theme of a couple classes ago with our milestone assignment. Death is a part of life and people are going to have to write about it. The way in which they choose to write about it is up to them, whether that be a celebration of someone’s life or anything along those lines. The second reason is because this really got to me when I first heard the news. I am an avid not just Phillies fan, but baseball fan as a whole. I am the type of fan who follows along with the game as much as possible, keeping up with thing such as top prospects who are not yet in the major leagues. Tommy Hanson was a former top prospect for the Atlanta Braves, one of the Phillies’ big division rivals. Therefore, I would follow the career of Tommy Hanson, who when he first was coming into the league was one of the highest regarded pitching prospects in baseball. He became a big part of the Braves rotation at one point and carved up the Phillies’ bats more than a few times. It was very unusual and startling to hear this news just a few years after he had  all of this success in the MLB. Hanson had bounced around between free agency and the waiver wire the last couple years, ending up with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for a short period of time. Anytime that anyone dies so suddenly at such a young age, famous athlete or not, is just very sad and startling to me and it is something that is, unfortunately, easy to write about. A big part of writing and journalism is expressing emotions, and things such as this make it easy to express those emotions and feelings.



Sports, USA TODAY. “Former Major League Pitcher Tommy Hanson, 29, Dies.” USA Today. Gannett, 10 Nov. 2015. Web. 10 Nov. 2015. <>.


The article I chose is titled “Early Birds: Checking in on former Eagles” by Zach Berman, Inquired Staff Writer for The article is about how former Philadelphia Eagles players are faring so far this year with their new teams. The players include QB Nick Foles, RB LeSean McCoy, WR Jeremy Maclin, OL Evan Mathis and more. Berman fills us in on each player’s statistics and how their teams are doing so far on the season as well. He starts the article by mentioning the Eagles’ bye week being a “good time to look around the league and see how departed Eagles are doing this season.” I chose this article because I am an aspiring sports broadcaster, so articles such as this, especially about my home team, always catch my eye. is one of the most reliable sources when it comes to anything Philadelphia related, so that is why I chose this site when searching for an article to use. Zach Berman does a good job here of fulfilling what he set out to do, which is give fans a small summary of how these former Eagles are doing after leaving town.




Berman, Zach. “Early Birds: Checking in on Former Eagles.”, 29 Oct. 2015. Web. 29 Oct. 2015.             <>.